The Best Intentions – When Your Resolutions Don’t Turn Out

Time for change 8620349_lEach year my family spends Christmas/New Year with my parents.  The whole family gets together and all except one of us has to travel a long way.  And it’s worth it as we all come together for the celebrations. 🙂

Travel Planning Goes Walkabout

Many years ago my family started Continue reading

9 Last Minute Gifts That Are Sustainable

So, it’s less than 2 days til the big day.Girl Carrying Christmas Gifts

Have you got all your Christmas presents sorted out?

Or are you starting to panic because you haven’t…and the thought of venturing into the shops to join the hordes of other people who’ve left it to the last minute just fills you with dread. Continue reading

Enjoy Your Sustainable Christmas Holidays!

Christmas Eve:

  1. Make any last preparations for your sustainable Christmas and/or your summer holiday.  (If you need any reminders, check out my last 5 posts.)
  2. Sit back and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!

Share your sustainable Christmas or holiday story in the Reply box below.

Till next time…be gentle to yourself and our world!

Terrific Transport For Serious Shopping

These CAN go together. 🙂

‘Really?!,’ you say, ‘Everyone knows that Christmas and sales shopping can be an absolute nightmare, especially the traffic and carparks.’

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself WHY? Continue reading

Christmas Food…Waste Not, Want Not This Festive Season

As we start to unwind and really enter the end-of-year and Thanksgiving FeastChristmas party season, spare a thought for the environmental impact of all those celebrations…particularly the food.

In Australia, we will spend about $10 billion on food over the Christmas period.

And lot of that will go into our mouths (and onto our bodies… Continue reading