9 Last Minute Gifts That Are Sustainable

So, it’s less than 2 days til the big day.Girl Carrying Christmas Gifts

Have you got all your Christmas presents sorted out?

Or are you starting to panic because you haven’t…and the thought of venturing into the shops to join the hordes of other people who’ve left it to the last minute just fills you with dread.

More and more people are avoiding the stress of shopping by doing it online.

That certainly helps avoid the crowds and queues.

But it doesn’t help with choosing the perfect gift for each person.

I guess that’s why gift cards are so popular.  They’re fairly quick and easy to buy…and the recipient gets to choose what they want…if they remember to redeem it before it ‘expires’.

Looking at the big picture, do they really need or want the sort of things you’ve been considering for presents?

You’ve probably heard people complaining about how consumerism means that the true meaning of the season is lost.

But have you thought about how sustainable all this gift-buying is?

When you buy presents, do you consider the implications for climate change and ocean acidification

Here is a chance to consider presents that offer a chance to mitigate against climate change and ocean acidification by reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases…or improve resilience to climate change, or both. 🙂

And you can do it all online! 🙂

For gifts that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, consider the gift of renewable energy.  You might want to:

  • give the gift of light – using renewable energy – to families in developing countries…maybe:
  • join in the purchase of a community renewable power system, perhaps for charity
  • buy your own solar hot water system, solar electricity system or wind turbine

People in developing countries have identified solar light as something that can improve their education, safety, health, environment, and ability to generate income.

Alternatively, you could give a gift of revegetation to help absorb CO2, the main greenhouse gas that is creating climate change and ocean acidification.

Gifts that improve resilience to climate change might be in the form of helping people with more secure, clean water supplies and growing their own foodOxfam and Care are just 2 organisations that have plenty of gifts from which to choose.

Or you might want to help our natural environment to be more resilient to climate change.  Contributing to the preservation of suitable tracts of land is one way of doing this.  You can do this by making a donation to an organisation like Bush Heritage.  Those without voices – our native plants and animals and future generations of people – will thank you.

These gifts can be true gifts that are given with love (and ease ;)) and received with gratitude.

I wish you and your friends and family a peaceful, joyous and sustainable festive season.

Till next time…be gentle to yourself and our world!