Carbon Fast – My Challenge Buying Less Stuff

I’m now nearly half-way through my carbon fast.Ladies shoe sole with big hole in heel - vertical

Emissions from my travel are still very low.

I only used my petrol-driven car once last week – when my bus did not arrive in time for me to meet a friend to join them in their Nissan Leaf electric car (powered by renewable energy) for an evening meeting.   I was very disappointed at not being able to Continue reading

Terrific Transport For Serious Shopping

These CAN go together. 🙂

‘Really?!,’ you say, ‘Everyone knows that Christmas and sales shopping can be an absolute nightmare, especially the traffic and carparks.’

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself WHY? Continue reading

‘Tis The Season To Be Giving – Sustainable Giving in 4 Steps

We’re coming up to Christmas…and festivities mean giving but:

  • giving what? and
  • what the broader environmental and social implications of our giving? Continue reading

‘Green’ Cleaning With 5 Products For Less Than $5

Are cleaning products a feature of your shopping list?  Are they ‘sustainable’?  Did you know that ‘green’ cleaning is not only better for the planet and your health, it saves you a heap of money (and space in your cupboards)? Continue reading