Enough Is Enough

How do you work out what food to buy?Kale, beetroot, turnips, carrots, lettuce growing in garden Aug 2013

Do you take a guesstimate, or work from a meal plan and recipes, to determine your shopping lists?

And how does that go? Continue reading

The 10 Top Reasons To Grow Your Own Food

The 10 Top Reasons To Grow Your Own Food

Fresh vegetablesA lot of the time you’ll find me talking about growing your own food (or, rather, how to grow your own food).

I guess I have been assuming that you are interested in growing your own food, whether you have yet to start, are just starting out, are struggling, or just looking for some extra tips. Continue reading

Use Autumn’s Bounty To Improve Your Soil

I know I have been posting quite a bit about gardeningAutumn tree - orange and red Chinese pistachio April 2013 recently, but this is because autumn is a busy time in the garden.

The main reason for this is because you are doing the last of the warm-season gardening while preparing your garden for the coming cold.

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How To Extend The Growing Season & Protect Your Seedlings – For FREE!

If you, like me, live in an area where your growing season (the time in which you can grow most) is limited by the weather (because it gets too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry), it can be pretty tricky trying to grow your own food.  (Or some of it, at least. ;))

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How To Improve Your Soil Without Breaking Your Back

I posted a while back on how the quality of the soilRed wriggler compost worm and vermicompost April 2013 in which food grows affects the quality of our food.  In fact, this applies to most plants.

I stressed the importance of feeding your soil to keep it healthy.

When we feed our soil we are Continue reading