Becoming More Sustainable? What’s Your Real Problem?

Do you sometimes get so stuck in a rutQuestion mark red 3D glossy that you lose sight of where you’re going?

Sometimes, we can get so fixated on trying to deal with an issue that’s stressing us out – or coping with day-to-day life – that we cannot see that maybe we are trying to solve the wrong problem.

For example, in times of temperature extremes, many of us simply flick a switch hoping that will deal with the problem. And then that causes us further angst when we get our energy bills…or if the energy supply is interrupted because of the extreme weather.

In our modern society, we are so used to quick ‘fixes’ that are available at our fingertips that we forget what the problem that we want to solve really is.

  • If we are too hot, we really want to be cool. We don’t necessarily want air-conditioning. We just want to be comfortable.
  • If we are too cold, we really want to be warmer. We don’t necessarily want a heater. We just want to be comfortable.
  • If we want to get to work, we really want to get their comfortably, quickly and conveniently. We don’t necessarily want a car. We just want to get to our destination easily.

It’s very easy to get distracted by what’s in front of us (trust me, I know about that ;-))…or by doing what we’ve always done.

Our political and business leaders are experts at this, particularly here in Australia.

That’s why they are fixated with ‘the economy’.

They forget that the economy is there to serve the community…and that there is no economy if there’s no society.

They are forgetting that they need to be focusing on the most pressing and greatest issue of our time: climate change and ocean acidification that are mainly caused by emissions of greenhouse gases.

And that’s why part of my work is reminding our leaders of the real problems they need to be focusing on solving…and helping them to do so.

If you, or your business or other organisation, needs help with seeing what are the real problems you are trying to solve in order to be more sustainable just contact me…or send me a voice message by clicking on the tab on the right.

Till next time…be gentle to yourself and our world!