Be Inspired To Take Action!

Why do you want to live more sustainably?

Do you know?

Are you really clear about your reasons and priorities?

Why doesn’t everyone wants to live more sustainably?

Maybe you are very clear about why you – everyone – needs to live more sustainably, but sometimes it just gets too hard, too wearisome.

That’s when we need help.

And an important source of help is other people who can remind us why we need to make the changes we need to make…to keep persevering. Often they can give us a fresh perspective…and inspire us.

It is very important in our quest to live more sustainably to ‘hang out’ with people who can keep us on our path. 🙂

We can hang out with them in real life…and we can hang out with them virtually, through the Internet, books, films and so on.

One person who can inspire us is Bill McKibbin. Perhaps you saw or heard him on his recent US tour.

Bill inspires and empowers people to take action on climate change, which is threatening civilisation.

Bill has come down under.  He is visiting Australia this week (World Environment Day week!)…New Zealand next week and then on across the South Pacific! 🙂  In recognition of his importance and influence, Bill has been invited to address Australia’s prestigious National Press Club.  He is also talking to several public meetings Australia.  Details of his speaking events (and bookings) are at and .

And you can always watch the Do The Math movie on YouTube…any place, any time. 🙂 Hang in till the end…this film will inspire you to act.  🙂  (And, even though it’s only a few weeks old, some of the data is already out of date :()

To help you plan this week (World Environment Day week!), here are the dates and places you can catch him in Australia and New Zealand…in person or virtually:

  • Australia-wide
    • Monday, 3 June, 9:35pm AEST (TV)
      repeated Tuesday, 4 June, 1:00pm AEST and on the internet at
      Q&A on ABC1
      (Q&A puts punters, pollies and pundits together in the studio to thrash out the hot issues of the week, live to air. It’s about democracy in action – on Q&A the audience gets to ask the questions.  Tonight’s episode should be a doozy – Bill is facing off against some very outspoken people who are likely to tackle him very vigorously.)
    • Thursday, 6 June, 12:30pm AEST (TV, internet)
      National Press Club Address
      ABC News24
  • Canberra
    • Wednesday, 5 June, 7:30pm
      Australian National University
    • Thursday, 6 June (11:30 luncheon, speech starts at 12:30)
      National Press Club
  • Adelaide
    • Wednesday, 5 June, 5:30pm (livestream)
      University of South Australia, City West Campus
  • Hobart
    • Wednesday, 5 June, 7:30pm (livestream)
      UTAS Sandy Bay Campus
  • Melbourne
    • Friday, 7 June, 6:00pm
      Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne
  • Perth
    • Wednesday, 5 June, 5:30pm (livestream)
      Central Institute of Technology
  • Sydney
    • Tuesday, 4 June, 6:00pm – BOOKED OUT
      Seymour Centre, Chippendale

And in New Zealand next week:

  • Auckland
    • Tuesday, 11 June, 7:00pm
      Epsom Girls Grammar
  • Dunedin
    • Wednesday, 12 June, 7:00pm
      Dunedin Hospital, University of Otago
  • Wellington
    • Thursday, 13 June, 7:00pm
      The Embassy, Kent Terrace and Courtenay Place

Does this help inspire you?  Let me know by leaving your comments in the eply box below…or sending me a voice message by clicking on the tab on the right.

Till next time…be gentle to yourself and our world!