Are You Ready For Sunday?

Ever have those times when life, the universeHands holding planet Earth and everything seem to get in your way?

I didn’t post a blog entry last Monday because some extra-ordinary circumstances made it impossible for me to do so.

Sometimes that’s just the way things are.

Bigger things get in the way of our normal life.

Sometimes those things are so big they really shake our lives up.

We can’t ignore them.

That’s what’s just happened in the Phillipines with Typhoon Haiyan.

It’s the just one of the latest wake-up calls that we need to take urgent, strong action to avert catastrophic climate change.

As the lead negotiator for the Philippines, Yeb Sano, whose hometown of Tacloban City was among the worst affected by last week’s typhoon, has said:

It’s time to stop this madness.

…Typhoons such as Yolanda (Haiyan) and its impacts are a sobering reminder to the international community that we cannot afford to procrastinate on climate action. [We] must deliver on enhancing ambition and should muster the political will to address climate change.

That’s why we all need to stand up and be counted.

It’s not often you get to be a part of history.

This Sunday, 17 November 2013, is your chance to be part of something huge, something important. On Sunday tens of thousands of Australians will stand together across the country and demand that Australia do better on climate change.  I will be one of those people.

When history looks back, we will be remembered for how we responded to this challenge.

They will write about two groups. Those who took action, and those who remained silent.

What legacy will you leave?

What:                   Beat the Heat – a national day of climate action

When:                   Sunday 17 November – details at

Where:                 Somewhere near to you – details at

Wear:                   Bright heatwave coloured clothing – reds, oranges, yellows

Bring:                   A hat, water bottle and lots of friends!

RSVP and map:

Come be part of history this Sunday.

If you still need convincing, check out this excellent article on why Australia is off to a bad start over at the current climate negotiations…and why the whole world needs to take serious action now.

In it you’ll see videos of:

  • the very moving speech by the Philippines climate change negotiator Yeb Sano on why climate action is needed ;'(
  • Australia being awarded the ignominious ‘Fossil of the Day’ award. That’s the award given to the country which has done the most to block progress at the climate change negotiations on that day. Very funny (esp about 2/3 of way through)…but it highlights the new Australian Government’s bad start domestically and over at the COP19 Warsaw climate negotiations.

See you on Sunday!

PS  Can’t come? No worries, you can still help. To make the rallies as big and successful as possible, you can donate at


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