Preserving A Bumper Fruit Harvest

Where I live, it’s been a pretty fantastic year for fruit.Pile of peaches

The good rains over the previous 2 summers (after a long drought) plus good rain in spring probably had something to do with it. So might pretty regular (drip) irrigation and good sun. 🙂

For me, so far we have seen: Continue reading

5 Keys To Your Garden Surviving Summer

In the southern hemisphere, summer is just upon us – if it hasn’t already arrived.

Summer is the most productive time in the garden.  It’s when most of our fruit, vegetables and flowers grow.

Unfortunately, it can also be very challenging…especially if you live in a place with hot, dry, windy summers like I do. (I live in Canberra, capital of Australia). Continue reading

Running Hot and Cold

Ah! The delight of jumping into a shower to freshen up before going out or to clean and relax you before bed :).

But what if you that the water’s a bit more refreshing than you anticipated (read: cold)? Continue reading


A few days away leaving a teenager in the house alone…really??!!

Yes, this was a challenge.  But my teen didn’t want to come…and our dog needed looking after, so we thought we’d give it a go…

One of the first things I noticed when I came home was the streaks on the cork floor of our family room.  That’s nice, I thought, they’ve had a go at cleaning the floor. Continue reading