Composting For Climate And Health

Are you (or your friends or family) Hands Holding a Seedling and Soilthrowing away valuable stuff and at the same time increasing greenhouse gas emissions?

This happens every time you put your kitchen leftovers and garden ‘waste’ into the general rubbish bin.  (Did you know that over half of Australia’s household garbage is made up of food and garden waste?)

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Making Recycling Easier

I came across a new bin that Recycling symbol with 'RECYCLING CONTAINER' gold embossing on black plastichas been designed to make recycling easier than conventional bins that are used in commercial, institutional and public settings.

The Meridian Envirobin is split 70:30 in favour of recycling. 🙂

It got me thinking about how your bins are set up at home and work.

Do your bins make recycling – and putting the right ‘waste’ in the right bin – easy?

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Christmas Food…Waste Not, Want Not This Festive Season

As we start to unwind and really enter the end-of-year and Thanksgiving FeastChristmas party season, spare a thought for the environmental impact of all those celebrations…particularly the food.

In Australia, we will spend about $10 billion on food over the Christmas period.

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