What Does Buy Local Mean?

Buy local.Fresh vegetables

That’s the third challenge for my carbon fast.

But what exactly does ‘buy local’ mean?

Does it mean that I only buy from businesses Continue reading

Becoming More Sustainable? What’s Your Real Problem?

Do you sometimes get so stuck in a rutQuestion mark red 3D glossy that you lose sight of where you’re going?

Sometimes, we can get so fixated on trying to deal with an issue that’s stressing us out – or coping with day-to-day life – that we cannot see that maybe we are trying to solve the wrong problem. Continue reading

The Importance Of Good Focus

I was enjoying out walking my dog this morning,Photo of magifying glass on white backgroundrelishing the cool change that was blowing through and our record-smashing heat wave to an end.

With the breeze came an unmistakeable scent : bushfires.

Anyone who lived through the 2003 Canberra bushfires tends to have the same reaction : all our
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Small Actions For Big Results

How long does it take to become sustainable?

And how much effort does it take?

These are very difficult questions to answer – if they can be answered at all.

One thing I do know is that it is usually much easier to avoid damaging something than it is to (try to) fix up any damage later.  I am sure that is something we can all relate to.  And it certainly applies to the environment.  Let me explain – and show you how one simple action can make a big difference. Continue reading

1 Step In A Different Direction Sets Us On A Different Path

Once upon a time, I thought that New Year resolutionsTime for change 8620349_l were about making me a better person. You know, the usual ‘lose weight, get fit’.

Or about new experiences or ways of looking at life. Things like ‘read a new book every month’ or ‘laugh more’. Continue reading