Savage Summer Survival

It’s summer.Earth in hands temperature rising 9327851_l

It’s hot. Very hot. Smashing records hot.

And it’s dry. Very dry. We’ve had no useful rain for over 2½  months.

And it’s bushfires. And that means more heat. And smoke. And burnt grass and trees…and Continue reading

Autumn Leaves In Midsummer Signal That Change Is Needed

The falling leavesAutumn leaves in street gutter April 2013
Drift by my window
The falling leaves
Of red and gold

So go the words of the old song Autumn Leaves.

And so go the leaves following the heat wave in Australia last Continue reading

The Heat Is On…So Put The Heat On!

thermometer temperature rising

With Australia in the middle of a heat wave, most advice will be telling you how to keep cool, survive the heat wave and avoid heat stress.

But today I’m going to talk about something a little counter-intuitive.

Keeping cool is important, of course.

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Keys To Growing Your Own Food Over Summer Holidays

Ahhh…summer!Irrigation fittings with tomato & sweet pea

All that lovely fresh produce!  Tomatoes, basil, zucchini, capsicums, eggplant, corn, beans, lettuce, rocket…

Did you plant some seeds or seedlings and are now just waiting for your first pickings?  (If not, you can still pop some Continue reading

Solstice = time for a home energy efficiency check-up

It’s the middle of winter where I live in the southern Electricity consumption neighbourhood comparisonhemisphere.

We’ve just past the winter solstice and today I’ve been to a funeral.

Appropriately, the weather has been cold, gloomy and raining.  Continue reading