Quick Repurposing: Supplements Container To Laundry Chic – Day 23 of Low Carbon Living

Two white cylindrical plastic containers on wooden table, one with original label, one with handwritten label

Source: Gill King, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Day 23 of 365 Days Of Low Carbon Living, where I repurpose a container instead of throwing it out to recycling.

Plenty of things we buy come in containers. Think food, health supplements, even chemicals.

What do you do with a container when you finish the contents? Continue reading

Composting For Climate And Health

Are you (or your friends or family) Hands Holding a Seedling and Soilthrowing away valuable stuff and at the same time increasing greenhouse gas emissions?

This happens every time you put your kitchen leftovers and garden ‘waste’ into the general rubbish bin.  (Did you know that over half of Australia’s household garbage is made up of food and garden waste?)

From your home, the contents of your rubbish bin Continue reading

How To Extend The Growing Season & Protect Your Seedlings – For FREE!

If you, like me, live in an area where your growing season (the time in which you can grow most) is limited by the weather (because it gets too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry), it can be pretty tricky trying to grow your own food.  (Or some of it, at least. ;))

Unless, of course, you have some way of modifying your Continue reading

Soiled Rotten!

It’s under your feet.  Soil.  You may take it for granted.  But did you know that, just like you and our wider planet, soil can be healthy or unhealthy? Continue reading