A Great Time For A #LowCarbonLiving Challenge

Room with two ceiling lamps, one with light bulb removed

Source: wearechapterone Flickr CC BY 2.0

The 365 Days Of Low Carbon Living challenge continues.

As we seek to make changes and transform the way we live, we often look for a ‘good time’ to start a new habit.

Right now is a really good time. (Any time is!) Continue reading

A Carbon Fast For Lent?

Planet Earth with a fever, held in hands

What do you do in the lead-up to Easter? Anything different to the rest of the year? (With Easter early this year, perhaps you’re still getting into the swing of the working (calendar) year! ;-))

It happens that the lead-up to Easter is a great time for some conscious reassessments with a view to living and working more sustainably.

We could, of course do that any time. Continue reading