One Simple Gesture Can Make A World Of Difference

Palm of hand with smiley on it

Image: Ben Smith, Flickr CC-BY-SA 2.0

If you live in the country or a small town, you almost certainly will notice something when you visit a big city: people don’t smile or greet you as you walk past.

If you live in a big city, chances are that you won’t even notice that it’s missing.

It’s something I notice, particularly Continue reading

No Man Is An Island – What Is Real Sustainability?

Today’s posting is a bit of a rant about attitude and Plans - blueprint - houseperspective.

Some people think they are making changes to live more sustainably when they’re not.

And the reason for this is twofold: Continue reading

Give Me Those Washday Blues

Blue days, that is.  Or windy ones.

Or are you depriving your washables by using a clothes dryer? Continue reading

‘Green’ Cleaning With 5 Products For Less Than $5

Are cleaning products a feature of your shopping list?  Are they ‘sustainable’?  Did you know that ‘green’ cleaning is not only better for the planet and your health, it saves you a heap of money (and space in your cupboards)? Continue reading