Recycling Week – Batteries, Swapping and the Friday File Fling

Focussing on recycling during one week is a great opportunity to improve our efforts and take our good habits into the community, to work and to school.

In Australia, National Recycling Week is an annual event, and in 2012 it is on 12-18 November. Continue reading

Running Hot and Cold

Ah! The delight of jumping into a shower to freshen up before going out or to clean and relax you before bed :).

But what if you that the water’s a bit more refreshing than you anticipated (read: cold)? Continue reading

Give Me Those Washday Blues

Blue days, that is.  Or windy ones.

Or are you depriving your washables by using a clothes dryer? Continue reading

‘Green’ Cleaning With 5 Products For Less Than $5

Are cleaning products a feature of your shopping list?  Are they ‘sustainable’?  Did you know that ‘green’ cleaning is not only better for the planet and your health, it saves you a heap of money (and space in your cupboards)? Continue reading