Solstice = time for a home energy efficiency check-up

It’s the middle of winter where I live in the southern Electricity consumption neighbourhood comparisonhemisphere.

We’ve just past the winter solstice and today I’ve been to a funeral.

Appropriately, the weather has been cold, gloomy and raining.  Continue reading

Cold Weather And Hot Water

Do you love your hot shower or bath?  I do.Woman relaxing in warm bubble bath

There’s nothing like it after sport…or you’re tired…especially if you’re cold.

All that warmth surrounding you…soothing your tired body….gradually thawing you out…and relaxing you, so you’re all ready for a lovely sleep… Continue reading

Making Recycling Easier

I came across a new bin that Recycling symbol with 'RECYCLING CONTAINER' gold embossing on black plastichas been designed to make recycling easier than conventional bins that are used in commercial, institutional and public settings.

The Meridian Envirobin is split 70:30 in favour of recycling. 🙂

It got me thinking about how your bins are set up at home and work.

Do your bins make recycling – and putting the right ‘waste’ in the right bin – easy?

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Too much stuff!

Stuff.Clean sweep - close-up of broom - black & white


How much do you have?

Are your cupboards groaning? Continue reading

What A Waste! Or Is It? How To Best Deal With Kitchen Waste

I recently met a family that had just moved Chook with chicksfrom a rural area interstate to my city.

They were prepared for changes of jobs and schools and all that entails.

They were prepared for the change from country to city. Continue reading