Season Change = Time To Check Your Home For Gaps

Where I live it’s starting to get cold.  And windy.Autumn street colour - Chinese pistachios with gum tree - April 2013

Maybe for you it’s starting to get hot.

Either way, unless your home is well sealed, if you live in a temperate region it could get pretty uncomfortable (or expensive!) pretty soon.  Continue reading

Time To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Is your energy consumption eating you up?Rising costs graphic

Does the sight of an energy bill shock you and fill you with dread?

Are really worried about what climate change will mean for your children and grandchildren? Continue reading

Keep Your Home Cool Without Air-Conditioning – Quickly

What do you do when it’s hot?  Turn the air-conditioner House Roogulli midday 24 Nov 2012on without hesitation?

What about the cost – to your hip pocket and to the environment?

And what if you don’t have AC?  Continue reading