Now’s The Time To Grow Your Own

I love growing my own food.Home grown capsicums

It makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile to reduce my footprint on the environment.

Growing food where I eat it reduces my ‘food miles’ to zero…which makes me feel virtuous. 😉 Continue reading

Spring Has Sprung

For those of us living in cool temperate areas spring is well and truly here, especially if you’ve had lots of rain like we have.

And that means that everything in the garden (and outside the garden!) is growing.

So it’s now time to plant seeds and seedlings for the main summer crops. Continue reading

The year of the parsnip

Parsnips are a delight. Sweet, nutritious and the perfect accompaniment to roast lamb or butter chicken.

Parsnips also have a reputation as being tricky to grow.  Continue reading