Short car trips = extra fuel

Like most teens, mine would like me to be their personal taxi service.  Their ideal would be for me (or them) to drive them anywhere at the drop of the hat.  Despite what I’ve taught them over the years, they now frequently want to drive for short distances.

But our car is not like a taxi.  A taxi runs nearly 24 hours a day…so its engine is running hot and therefore fairly efficiently. Continue reading

The Airport Shuffle

If you travel by air, how do you get to and from the airport?

I mentioned in my last post that I recently had to travel interstate (to Melbourne, Australia) and then internationally (to Florida, USA). And both trips were at short notice. While I prefer to travel long distance by rail or coach, sometimes air travel is unavoidable.

And now that I am back and the dust has settled, I have been reflecting on how different people’s perspectives affect the choices they make…in this case, in doing the airport shuffle. Continue reading

Learning to drive – without a jack-rabbit in sight

I am teaching one of my children to drive.  (And yes, I am still here and sane!)

This is a challenge, but bit by bit they are understanding how much they have to do, how complex the task is. Continue reading