No-Brainers For The Equinox

Next weekend is the equinox.Caulking outside

In the northern hemisphere, days will become shorter than nights. And that means that there is less sunlight to heat our homes and atmosphere…and more time to lose that heat.

In the southern hemisphere, it means that days will become Continue reading

While The Cat’s Away…

A little while ago, I had to go interstate at short notice.Spiral compact fluorescent light bulb

I didn’t think it would be much of a problem. One teen would stay with their father, taking the dog with them. And the other, who’s 18, was moving out. So all I had to do was organise for the mail to be collected.

But things don’t always turn out as planned.

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Too much stuff!

Stuff.Clean sweep - close-up of broom - black & white


How much do you have?

Are your cupboards groaning? Continue reading

Time To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Is your energy consumption eating you up?Rising costs graphic

Does the sight of an energy bill shock you and fill you with dread?

Are really worried about what climate change will mean for your children and grandchildren? Continue reading

Under Wraps – Why Sarking Is Important For Your Roof

Do you know what is under your roof covering?Tiled roof

And in what state it is in?

And why this is important? Continue reading