Low Carbon Living: Day 1 – Clean Energy Future

Solar farm with wind turbine behind

Source: Gerry Machen, Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Here I am on Day 1 of 365 Days Of Low Carbon Living.

One of the easiest ways of shifting to living a low carbon life can be done very quickly from the comfort of your home: switching to clean, renewable energy.

In fact, most Australians want their primary energy to come from clean, renewable energy. Continue reading

No-Brainers For The Equinox

Next weekend is the equinox.Caulking outside

In the northern hemisphere, days will become shorter than nights. And that means that there is less sunlight to heat our homes and atmosphere…and more time to lose that heat.

In the southern hemisphere, it means that days will become Continue reading

Time To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Is your energy consumption eating you up?Rising costs graphic

Does the sight of an energy bill shock you and fill you with dread?

Are really worried about what climate change will mean for your children and grandchildren? Continue reading

Why has my electricity use increased?

In my last post on this topic I asked you what your reaction is when utility bills arrive and I challenged you to start monitoring your energy use.

I monitor my home’s electricity and gas consumption daily when I am at home.  The idea is that I can see when our power use changes and take suitable remedial action if necessary ;). Continue reading