Why Using A Public Library Is Important For Low Carbon Living

Library books

Day 37 of 365 Days Of Low Carbon Living.

When was the last time you visited your local public library?

If it has been a while, you might find a lot has changed.  You may not even need to go to the library to access some of its services.

There a great community resource and an important component of low carbon living. Continue reading

Why My New Black Pants Are Better Than New

Black pants on white door

Days 35 & 36 of 365 Days Of Low Carbon Living.

Each year my family members offer to each other clothes that we no longer love, need, want or fit. (We’re lucky because we are similar sizes.)

It’s great fun returning to the childhood and teenage joys of trying different clothes and looks – often of things we would never consider if we were in a shop.  And because this all Continue reading

Why has my electricity use increased?

In my last post on this topic I asked you what your reaction is when utility bills arrive and I challenged you to start monitoring your energy use.

I monitor my home’s electricity and gas consumption daily when I am at home.  The idea is that I can see when our power use changes and take suitable remedial action if necessary ;). Continue reading