What Is The Key To Successful Sustainable Urban Development?

I was recently involved in consultation Woman showing frustration and holding on to hairabout planning for a new suburban development.  We were responding to a proposal from a developer.

Most of us involved do not have any problem with development per se, especially increasing density in existing urban areas. That’s because it can be an exciting step forward in Continue reading

Is Self-Sacrifice Worth It?

Sometimes it seems that calls to live fastfortheclimate_logo2more sustainably seem to be only about self-sacrifice. Giving things up. Doing without. For the greater good, of course.

That’s all fine and dandy if you like being a martyr for the cause.

But not all of us want to be martyrs.  (At least not all Continue reading

Are You Ready For Sunday?

Ever have those times when life, the universeHands holding planet Earth and everything seem to get in your way?

I didn’t post a blog entry last Monday because some extra-ordinary circumstances made it impossible for me to do so.

Sometimes that’s just the way things are.

Bigger things get in the way of our normal life. Continue reading

Stand Up And Be Counted – There’s Sustainability In Numbers

A couple of months ago I wrote about being inspired Hands cradling planet Earthto take action.

I mentioned how, even if you are very clear about why you – everyone – need to live more sustainably, sometimes it just gets too hard, too wearisome.  And that’s when we need help. Continue reading

Recycling Week – Batteries, Swapping and the Friday File Fling

Focussing on recycling during one week is a great opportunity to improve our efforts and take our good habits into the community, to work and to school.

In Australia, National Recycling Week is an annual event, and in 2012 it is on 12-18 November. Continue reading