Is Self-Sacrifice Worth It?

Sometimes it seems that calls to live fastfortheclimate_logo2more sustainably seem to be only about self-sacrifice. Giving things up. Doing without. For the greater good, of course.

That’s all fine and dandy if you like being a martyr for the cause.

But not all of us want to be martyrs.  (At least not all Continue reading

A Carbon Fast For Ramadan?

Around the world, Muslims are currently in the Planet Earth with a fever, held in handsholy month of Ramadan.

This is a time when Muslims fast during daylight.

But like many other faiths, this time is more than just not eating or drinking. Continue reading

A Fast Way For A Safe Climate?

I did it. fastfortheclimate_logo2

And so did thousands around the world.

Yesterday was 1 June, the first day of the month.

And on the first day of the month until December, people all Continue reading

What Does Buy Local Mean?

Buy local.Fresh vegetables

That’s the third challenge for my carbon fast.

But what exactly does ‘buy local’ mean?

Does it mean that I only buy from businesses Continue reading

Carbon Fast – My Challenge Buying Less Stuff

I’m now nearly half-way through my carbon fast.Ladies shoe sole with big hole in heel - vertical

Emissions from my travel are still very low.

I only used my petrol-driven car once last week – when my bus did not arrive in time for me to meet a friend to join them in their Nissan Leaf electric car (powered by renewable energy) for an evening meeting.   I was very disappointed at not being able to Continue reading