Minimising Risks To Survival: Changes Needed On Climate Change

Planet Earth with a fever, held in handsHave you ever had seen one of those movies where the hero is trapped, facing what looks to be certain death?  Perhaps they have trapped in a secret chamber with apparently no way out when suddenly water starts pouring in.  Or maybe they have been bound in chains, attached to a heavy weight and tossed into the ocean.  Or then there’s that old favourite where the villain locks them onto a conveyor belt and leaves them to the machinations that will lead them to Continue reading

Advocacy Gets Results: Stepping Up To Make A Difference

I’m feeling chuffed.Young casually-dressed woman showing how pleased she is

Let me tell you why.

Last year, my local parliament began an Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users. ‘Vulnerable road users’ are us when we aren’t inside the steel of a car, van or truck – such as when we are walking, riding a bicycle or motorbike.

The parliamentary committee called for ‘public submissions’.  That means that anyone can send their views in.

So I did. Continue reading

A Fast Way For A Safe Climate?

I did it. fastfortheclimate_logo2

And so did thousands around the world.

Yesterday was 1 June, the first day of the month.

And on the first day of the month until December, people all Continue reading

Does Your Personal Effort To ‘Save The Environment’ Make Any Difference?

Do you ever wonder if the little things Question mark red 3D glossy that you do to try and ‘save the environment’ actually make any difference?

Sometimes it can feel like our effort is too small to make a difference…especially when we are trying to send a message to the companies and governments with which we interact.

We’re making an effort (even if it’s a small one) but Continue reading

Savage Summer Survival

It’s summer.Earth in hands temperature rising 9327851_l

It’s hot. Very hot. Smashing records hot.

And it’s dry. Very dry. We’ve had no useful rain for over 2½  months.

And it’s bushfires. And that means more heat. And smoke. And burnt grass and trees…and Continue reading