STOP PRESS: Upgrade Your Brain…Right Now!

Did you know you have about 60,000 thoughts a day?

What you’ve got to wonder is — how many are positive, grateful, wise… and take you ‘one step forward’ toward your goals?

Do you want to sustain – or, better still, improve – the functioning of your brain?

Well, you can!

How do I know?

Well, I am a walking, talking case study of brain plasticity and taking personal responsibility for your own functioning.

I have used many remedies and techniques to rehabilitate my own hypoxic brain injury from 6 years ago…with the aim of at least restoring my brain function to what it was before…so that I could live sustainably.

I did not accept the advice of my GP at the time.

Instead, I have used my own initiative to improve my brain function…which I have moved from being considerably damaged (eg I understand the problem people with a stroke have with language!)…to now being pretty high-functioning again (the ultimate compliment last week from a GP I met socially : ‘I never would have guessed you had a brain injury’ :))

What if you could ‘train your brain’ to…

  • Read and learn twice as fast!
  • Memorize every name and face you meet!
  • Never get distracted by Facebook and Twitter…or whatever distracts you…ever again!
  • See opportunities everybody else misses!
  • Tap into your true potential, passion and purpose!

Would you achieve everything you ever want to?

Of course you would!

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Just imagine…if all 60,000 of your everyday thoughts were laser-focused to attract abundance and take action…you’d become a super-human living a healthy, wealthy, full-of-love life!

Well, Jim Kwik…(who has taught speed reading and memory improvement to Nike, Virgin and Harvard)…has gathered a world-class group of 12 brain experts and…he’s going to be interviewing them over the next few days…and you’ve been invited to join and listen in, live online…for FREE!

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It’s called the “Brainpower for Success Summit” and I personally can’t believe who he’s

You’ll meet and learn from:

  • American’s #1 ADD/ADHD expert… who will show you
    how to “break free” from daily distractions!
  • A woman who’s been blessed with “Highly Superior
    Autobiographical Memory”… meaning she remembers
    every single day of her life! She’ll show you how
    you can remember anything from your past!
  • A leading Harvard doctor whose life’s work has
    been reversing the age of your brain! Imagine
    thinking with the energy, passion and spirit of
    your 20-year-old self again!
  • A venture capitalist who’s interviewed hundreds
    of successful business-builders… and discovered
    there are four common “entrepreneurial brain
    traits” they all share!
  • A New York Times bestselling author who’s research has led
    him to uncover the 10 core human drives that leads
    to success… he’ll show you how to activate all of
    them!  [This is a man whose work has made a big
    difference to my life and helped my brain’s recovery.

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Till next time…be gentle to yourself and our world!