Sustainable Jill brings together people, information and ideas for game-changing visions and strategies to help us survive and thrive in the face of climate change and other ecological crises.

Sustainable Jill draws together extensive experience, skills, knowledge and networks to provide strategy, policy, project and design advocacy and consultancy services.

Sustainable Jill’s work is concentrated in the following special areas of interest:

  • Top-level policy integration, prioritisation & strategy
  • Climate change – what we can do to mitigate its intensity and to adapt to its impacts
  • Narratives and messaging – changing from those that are causing problems to those that can see us sustaining healthy life into the future
  • Faith and institutional leadership
  • Built environments for the future – especially design & function in the face of climate change & ageing populations

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Climate change is the greatest problem that has ever faced humanity.  It is not just another discreet environmental, economic or political problem.  It is a systemic crisis that requires concerted action locally and globally.  It is about our precious, one-and-only home (planet Earth) and its ability to support life as we know it.  It is about us, our children and our fellow humans.

Despite what some may lead us to believe, we humans are part of, and dependent upon, the Earth’s ecosystems: they are our life-support systems. And yet we have changed the natural and physical world that is our common home so much that civilisation faces imminent collapse – unless we make transformations on the scale and at the speed necessary to avert this.

The decisions and actions we take now, individually and collectively, are vital if life on Earth as we know it is to survive.  Evidence is increasing that climate change is accelerating.  This amplifies the imperative to act quickly and boldly : we are beyond the stage where we can take a ‘gently, gently’ approach.

In our rapidly changing world, ‘business as usual’ and silo mentalities and systems can no longer apply if we are going to have any chance of winning the fight to save human civilisation and life as we know it.  Instead, everyone and everything must work together on our number 1 goal: survival.  If this sounds challenging, it is.  With the right focus and the right help, we can do it. That’s where Sustainable Jill comes in.

Contact Sustainable Jill to discuss how we can help you with your specific challenges.

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