Sustainable Garden

Helpful books to further inspire and instruct you on living sustainably

The Coming Famine – the one book you should read if you want to know why you need to grow your own food and why we humans need need to make systemic changes to how we live.

Backyard Self-Sufficiency – very practical advice on how you can feed yourself from your garden. Focus on using very little of your energy and living in a coolish climate. Written in Jackie’s concise, no-nonsense style.

The Permaculture Home Garden – detailed advice on growing your own organic food from a permaculture perspective…focussed on the home garden.

Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden – more practical advice, focussed on using small spaces to create beautiful, functional, edible organic gardens. Lots of pictures.

Kindle edition:

Introduction To Permaculture – key concepts explained simply by a permaculture founder.

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture – easy-to-understand, practical guidance on permaculture.