How sustainable are your finances?

Are you ready for your money to be sustainable this new financial year?  What goals do you have to improve the sustainability of your finances?  How do you keep track of your money, to ensure it will sustain you and your world?

You don’t???  Well, nothing like starting anew after the year’s begun! 😉

Share your thoughts, tips, experiences and questions in the comment box.

Till next time…be gentle to yourself and our world!

PS  The main tool I use to set my day-to-day budget and track my expenses and savings is an Excel spreadsheet.  I’ve found it invaluable. Taking better control of my money enabled me to (eventually) reduce my stress and live on less than 1/3 of my old income when I was retrenched and couldn’t work because of poor health.

Once the spreadsheet is set up, it only takes a few minutes each day to stay on top of my money.  I’ve made a blank copy available in the Resources tab for you to try if you wish.  Adapt it as you want…