Learning to drive – without a jack-rabbit in sight

I am teaching one of my children to drive.  (And yes, I am still here and sane!)

This is a challenge, but bit by bit they are understanding how much they have to do, how complex the task is. Continue reading

Your Personal Energy Efficiency – Sustaining You?

Do you live your life in a way that is sustainable for you? Are you always full of energy, sleeping well, thinking clearly and rarely (if ever) ill? Or do you find yourself struggling to get through the day…stressed…tired…like driving with the handbrake on? Continue reading

How sustainable are your finances?

Are you ready for your money to be sustainable this new financial year?  What goals do you have to improve the sustainability of your finances?  How do you keep track of your money, to ensure it will sustain you and your world? Continue reading

Sustainable Living…In The Real World

Hands reaching in helpLive more sustainably when you’re flat out just living?  Can you really do that?

In my salaried career, I bought a 1950s brick veneer house to renovate, got married, had some children – you know the deal.  Of course I wanted my home to look good…but I also wanted to make my house and garden sustainable, using permaculture principles where possible.  And if I could, I wanted to do it myself, at no or low cost and using off-the-shelf products…all while climbing the ladder to success at work and in the rest of my life and doing so with great health! So off I went.

But you know how it is…life gets in the way.  Continue reading